urbanMetrics inc. Report

urbanMetrics Image August 10, 2016

In an effort to continue to provide the public with answers to their redevelopment questions, we are sharing an independent report from urbanMetrics inc. concerning the expansion and proposed relocation of CGMH.

This letter of professional opinion provides CGMH and the public with a third party, arms-length opinion about the impacts of relocating the hospital from its current location at 459 Hume Street to a new greenfield site located at Poplar Sideroad, just east of Raglan Street. Read the full report here.

Collingwood General & Marine Hospital - Planning Analysis Report

March 24, 2017

CGMH retained the services of a registered professional planner who has extensive and intimate knowledge of the Town’s planning documents, so as to provide an opinion on this matter. In this regard, he has concluded that an Official Plan Amendment (OPA) and a Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) are not required to facilitate the development of CGMH’s preferred site for hospital and related uses. Read the full report here.