To review a copy of the Stage 1 A/B submission Executive Summary please click here.

The complete Stage 1 A/B - Master Program/Master Plan (a 780 page document) is available upon request by emailing, or members of the public are welcome to view a printed copy at the hospital by calling to pre-arrange an appointment at 705-445-2550 ext. 8244.

Collingwood General and Marine Hospital (CGMH) is pleased that the Deloitte Due Diligence review, as requested by the Town of Collingwood, confirmed that an appropriate level of analysis has been completed to provide the hospital with viable development options to proceed with a successful redevelopment.

CGMH spent the past 18 months and $1.2 million completing a comprehensive review, which resulted in a recommendation of a facility and site that best serves our region.

“We met the project criteria for the Stage 1 submission, but more precise details will unfold, as the redevelopment project continues.” While the hospital submitted all three site options with its Stage 1 A/B proposal, in the end, the MOHLTC will make the final decision based on an extensive review conducted by qualified experts. CGMH looks forward to the Ministry’s comments and final decision

Read CGMH's response to the Town of Collingwood's Due Diligence report here.