Development Option Evaluation Criteria

Development Option Evaluation Criteria selection is required as part of the Stage 1 submission, which includes more detailed planning. CGMH's Board is committed to a transparent process with community consultation. No site has currently been selected.

At this time, the hospital is proceeding with the evaluation of three development options: current site, current site with adjacent properties and generic greenfield site. From this work, the Site Evaluation committee will identify, in a ranked order, the "preferred options". The "preferred options" will be considered by the Facilities Planning Committee (FPC) and the FPC will subsequently recommend a "preferred solution" to the Board of Trustees in June 2016. Prior to the Board's final consideration of a "preferred solution" additional community consultations will occur - dates to follow. Following the consultations, the Board will make a final determination on the "preferred solution" at the Board's September 2016 meeting.

The following criteria were selected to be included in the evaluation process and sub-categorized into five categories:

  1. Land and Municipal Alignment
  2. Connection to Surrounding Community
  3. Patient Focus
  4. Site Conditions
  5. Clinical and Operational Excellence

View the CGMH Development Option Evaluation Criteria here.